Warriors News
NVMTA Reely/Hendricks Scholarship Competition
  First Place:  Hanbo Liu

WMTA The Nora Lichtenberg Piano Scholarship Competition
  First Place: Hanbo Liu

NVMTA Northern District Auditions
 Level 1A:   First Place : Joshua Savoia,  First Place Alternate: Jonathan Ko
 Level 1B:   Second Place: Alec Zhang
 Level 2 :    Honorable Mention: Elaine Chen
 Level 3:     First Place: Kevin Shu
                    Third Place: Kelly Hwu

The Elizabeth R. Davis Memorial Piano Competition
 First Prize winner:       Hanbo Liu
 Second Prize winner: Kelly Hwu

Gottlieb Competition In Maryland:
 First Prize winner:   Elaine Chen, Clara Guo
Third Prize winner:   Jonathan Ko
 Honorable Mentions: Joshua Savoia, Jillian Khoo, Alec Zhang, Kelly Hwu

Helen Healy Scholarship:
First Prize winner:  Jennifer Li

Student Excellence Award:
First Prize winner:  Hanbo Liu

NVMTA Achievements:
First Prize winner:   Hanbo Liu
Third Prize winner:  Kevin Shu

WMTA Hartman:
First Prize winner:         Alison Li, Jillian Khoo, Elaine Chen, Kevin Shu
Second Prize winner:   Jonathan Ko, Clara Guo, Kelly Kwu

Chosen for the Alden Recital Series 2008-2009 rectials:
Jonathan Ko, Alec Zhang, and Kelly Hwu

NVMTA Piano Concerto Festival
  • First Prize winners:           Alison Li ,  Henry Fong , Parisa Sadeghi
  • Second Prize winners:    Jillian Khoo,  Joshua Savoia, Angelina Savoia, Jennifer Li
  • Third Prize winners:         Jonathan Ko,  Nakisa Sadeghi, Katie Zhang
  • Honorable Mentions:       Kevin Wang,   Andrew Savoia

WMTA Novik Concerto Competition Result:
  • SENIOR DIVISION:  Hanbo Liu second place
  • JUNIOR DIVISION:  Clara Guo   Honorable Mention

NVMTA Piano Concerto Competition
  •   First Prize Winner of the NVMTA Concerto Competition Senior Division : Hanbo Liu
          Hanbo will be the guest soloist of the Little River Symphony on Sunday May 4th at 7 PM playing Rachmaninoff:  
           Rhapsodie on a Theme of Paganini
  •  Honorable Mentions: Kelly Hwu, Elaine Chen and Clara Guo

Hanbo Liu, First Prize Winner of the Fairfax Bland

NVMTA String Competition
Bailey Jorgensen,      First Prize winner -harp
Caroline Jorgensen, Third Prize winner-harp
Jillian Khoo,                 Honorable Mention --  violin .

Angelina Savoia, First Prize Winner of the Vienna Bland in harp.

Hanbo Liu, Alternate Winner of the MTNA-Yamaha Competition in Virginia
Kelly Hwu, Honorable Mention of the MTNA-Yamaha Competition in DC
Parisa Sadeghi, Honorable Mention of MTNA-Baldwin Competition in DC

Hanbo Liu, Third Place of the Asian American Competition

2007 -- 2008, Chosen for NVMTA Honor from the Judged Recital:
Virginia Hsu, Clara Guo,  Kelly Hwu, Jennifer Li, Hanbo Liu, Angelina Savoia,  Kevin Shu , Alec Zhang, Jonathan Ko